Welcome to RLAND 
A cosy place for finely selected imagery by Roland Maria Reininger 
You're warmly invited to enjoy a variety of my favorite professional and personal photographs, edits and composings, computer generated images and graphic works. And maybe I'll sneak in some product designs, 3D renderings and videography, too. Let's see. If this is not what you are looking for just move over to my other cosy places for professional design stuff (AgenturRosa) or that awesome tattoo machine (BlackGold). And somewhere here you'll find those social media links, if that is your thing. However, don't hesitate to contact me any time in any way for any reason - together we'll find a way to achieve quite anything. Or just leave safely in a minute if you came here by mistake - have a good journey and enjoy what you do! But for now let's start this journey here with some landscapes: 

That's a quite cool "landscape" too, isn't it? ;-)

And that's some CGI. 
Hold on. One thing I am very proud of is this black beauty here: since some years I am responsible for the product design and development of that innovative, wireless and the worlds most hygienic tattoo system. It'll be on sale soon.  More information: blackgold.tattoo
And drumroll please: the following image won a Honorable Mention (category Abstract) at the 7th Color Awards Photography Masters Cup! And another five photographs of mine were nomiated in the categories Abstract, Still Life and Wild Life. Yay!
...now let me drop in some 
commercial work
And that project was a nice one, too: the Industrie-Award for outstanding apprentices. I designed the award, 3Dprinted 70 pieces and made this making of video: 
And this is one of my favorite videos I filmed:
Fine, that was just a short excursion into some of my commercial works. Want to see more? Please head over to AgenturRosa.com. So for now and here let's continue with some more
That's it for today. Maybe tomorrow some other images and projects find their way onto this canvas. We'll see. Last but not least I wave goodbye with my most famous photograph with some million views on those photography and social media platforms: 
Thanks for watching. All the best and see you soon! 
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