That is RLAND 
Another place for design projects by Roland Maria Reininger 
First, because I always wanted to shout it out loud, some foreword: today 'design' is a very popular and widespread term. There are so many people and even industries calling themselfes designers, just because they make something look nice. But in my eyes this is simply 'styling'. Real design is so much more than just making things nice: design is a problem solving process, giving the product messages along the way that answer questions of the user/customer without words. Reduction to the essential is the key to merge functional and aesthetical qualities of a product/visual to the big picture. 
That said I now randomly show off some fragments of my product-, graphic- and web-designs here. Click on the name of the client to get the connection and see these in action. Some projects were executed in collaboration with Sarah Mistura under the name of AgenturRosa. For more information please don't hesitate to contact me. Enjoy.
a whole lot of stuff for HAK/HAS Lustenau (website coming soon)
product design, engineering/development, CEO/CTO - TCA Systems GmbH / BLACKGOLD
almost everything (corporate design, web/print design, product/image photography) for Bäckerei Schwarz
corporate design, print/web design for Skischule Salober
photography, logo and print design for NoLimits
web/print design and photography for Moses
print/web design and photography for praxis spürbar
web/print design and photography for Naturprodukte Flatz
product design and videography for WKO/Die Industrie
logo, web and print design for Christa Braun
corporate design, web/print design and photography for G&Z Instrumente
logo/print design for Petra Hieble
corporate design, web/print design, photo/videography for MD-Immobilien
Again, thanks for watching. I really hope to meet you in real life soon. 
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