Hej there. Welcome to RLAND.

Nice to have you here. You're invited to enjoy some of my photography projects on this page or move over to the next if you're looking for design stuff. Please contact me any time in any way for any reason. Or just leave safely in a minute if you came here by mistake. Anyway: have a good journey and enjoy what you do! :-*

... And Justice For All
the beautiful berlin cathedral
Sun + Fog + Trees = Love
Alpen Kitsch
I love Kitsch. And the Alps.
Kryptonite Lake
The incredible Green Lake, Styria/Austria.
some time ago half a meter of snow covered everything here in Austria within two days. One day later it all was gone. But the beauty remains here.
Fisheye Autumn
autumnal ländlescapes
Dune Traffic
..back from a wonderful Camping trip to the Island Texel, Netherlands.
Against All Odds
computer generated imagery combined with photography.
Wild Wild West (of Austria)
somewhere in the very west of austria.
More SnowGlow
Some more glowing snow. Oh how i love that.
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